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    elite medical union company

    We are the supplier of medical supplies and surgical equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    We offer high-quality products, produced as per international standards, from various countries around the globe.


    Continuous research, traceability, design and development


    We make our fabrics with disposable high-performance materials

    Quality Standard

    High quality disposable or reusable instruments with iso standards

    Time Efficient

    EMU guarantees high availability and quick delivery anywhere in the country


    Our Products

    We are the supplier of medical supplies & surgical equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Our product range encompasses all essential medical supplies and surgical instruments, including latex exam gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves, gowns, head & covering material, hazardous wastage bag, and many more.

    We offer high-quality products, produced as per international standards, from various countries around the globe.

    Surgical Medical Gloves
    Gynecology Disposables
    Infusion Disposable Products
    Non Woven Disposables

    Chemotherapy Spill Kits


    About Us

    Providers of Disposable Medical Instruments in KSA

    Elite medical union company has been established in March 2019 to provide all types of high-quality medical consumables and surgical instruments throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    We provide effective products that meet international standards. We operate in the healthcare industry of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for ensuring better health.

    Effective prevention and diagnosis of the disease surely need high quality medical and surgical instruments, therefore our business operating approach is all about supplying effective, optimal, and durable products, along with patients’ safety measures, from various countries of the world.

    Our company is dedicated to become a market leader in supplying healthcare and medical equipment and consumables for hospitals and clinics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our company is aggressively moving towards its goal.

    We believe in delivering the true value for your healthcare, by providing you with the best from all around the world at

    Elite medical union company


    CEO’s Message

    As one of the premier medical supplies providers, we are constantly growing and evolving while marking our presence in the region. Our goal at Elite Medical Union is to serve our customers in the most efficient way without compromising quality.

    We aim to do this by providing the best possible resources and creating the utmost value and quality. My team and I are always striving to provide the highest quality and most advanced medical supplies, as our customers become more advanced and knowledgeable in their fields.

    I feel honored to be a part of this passionate team in an organization that is achieving extraordinary milestones. We are looking forward to be part of your establishment’s supplier portfolio and will continue to provide effective and efficient services and products to you.

    Sulaiman A. AlQuraishi

    Chief Executive Officer
    Elite Medical Union Company
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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